Wednesday, FEBRUARY 28   

The Ten Commandments


What do you think you already know about the Ten Commandments?


Read Exodus 19:1-20:21


What is one thing you read that you’d never noticed or known before? How does it change the story for you?


“’God promises to always look after you,’ Moses said. ‘Will you love him and keep these rules?’

‘We can do it! Yes! We promise!’

But they were wrong. They couldn’t do it. No matter how hard they tried they could never keep God’s rules all the time.

God knew they couldn’t. And he wanted them to know it, too.

Only one Person could keep all the rules. And many years later God would send him – to stand in their place and be perfect for them.

Because the rules couldn’t save them.

Only God could save them.”


What does this story have to say about how much God loves you?

Josie Barton