March 1

Thursday, March 1   



What do you think you already know about the battle of Jericho?


Read Joshua 6


What is one thing you read that you’d never noticed or known before? How does it change the story for you?


“’Only God can make your heart happy,’ Joshua said. ‘So don’t pray to pretend gods.’

‘No,’ they said. ‘Never!’

I’m afraid they didn’t keep their promise. They didn’t do what God said and many years later, just as God warned them, things would go badly for God’s people. They would lose their home. Enemies would capture them and take them off as slaves. And God’s people would scatter into many different lands.

But God’s Plan was still working.

One day he would give his people another Leader. And another home.

But this home, no one could ever take from them.


What does this story have to say about how much God loves you?

Josie Barton