March 8

Thursday, March 8   

The Prophets


What do you think you already know about the prophets in the Old Testament and the prophecies they made about Israel?


Read Isaiah 9:1-7, 40, 55


What is one thing you read that you’d never noticed or known before? How does it change the story for you?


“Poor Isaiah. He read God’s letter over and over to God’s people, but no one listened to him – at all. Ever. They didn’t want to hear God’s promise. They didn’t believe it.

Did it sound maybe too good to be true? A story that ends happily ever after? Well, it does sound like a fairy tale, doesn’t it? And, as anyone will quickly tell you, fairy tales aren’t true.

Or are they?”


What does this story have to say about how much God loves you?

Josie Barton