Welcome to The Foundry!

We're so glad you're here.  We are a church that is for the city and for you.  No matter where you are in your spiritual journey, we hope to be a place where you can explore what it means to be in a relationship with Jesus, connect to others who are trying to do the same and act through serving our community.  

Below is a list of information you may want in your first visit here.  If, at any point in our gathering, you have questions or need assistance, look for someone with an orange Foundry button on, they'd be happy to help.  (they can usually be found near the Connection Point).

For information about what we believe, click here.  


Connection Point

The Connection Point is the information hub at The Foundry.  Its located right next to the entrance to our room.  At the Connection Point you will find more information about The Foundry.  The Connection Point is staffed by  our friendly Frontline team members who can answer any of your questions, show you around and talk to you about how to take the next steps in connecting at The Foundry. 



Restrooms are located in the hallway behind the Connection Point.  Go out the main doors to our room and take a left.  



There is complimentary coffee and tea located on the far side of our room in the back by the deck entrance. 


parking validations

If you drove to  The Foundry and parked in the Harborview lot, you'll want to grab a parking validation on your way out.  Parking Validations are located on the round table between the Connection Point and the main door to our room.  Simply give the validation and the ticket you received when you entered the parking lot to the parking attendant and they will let you out at no charge.   


Connection Card

Please take a minute to fill out our Connection Card.  Cards and pens are located on each seat, or you can fill out an e-version here.  This card enables us to connect to you and helps you to better connect here at The Foundry.  We know that you probably don't share your personal information with just anybody, so if you share it with us, we promise to respect that honor and not fill your inbox with all kinds of spam.  Before you leave, be sure to put your completed Connection Card in the wooden box located near the exit of hte room.  


Each week, we encourage Christ followers to take communion to remember Jesus' sacrifice on the cross.  Wherever you are in your spiritual journey, this is a good time to spend a moment in quiet reflection.  During communion time, you will be dismissed to take the juice and bread from one of the four communion stations located around the room and take it on your own time when every you're ready.. Gluten free communion is available at the station on the bar to the right of stage.  (All other stations use crackers that contain gluten).  Bowls are located on each station to dispose of  empty communion cups.  



At The Foundry, we talk about generosity each week because we want to be a church that's marked by generosity.  When you give at The Foundry, not only does it allow us to  create an engaging, relevant, fully-staffed environment for us to explore God together on Sunday mornings, but it also helps fun both relief and development based ministries  and church planting initiatives in our city, state and around the world.  There are three ways you can give:

  1. IN ROOM  - Give via cash or check in the room by placing your gift in the wooden box near the exit to the room.
  2. ONLINE - Give via check or card here.  
  3. APP - Give via check or card through our free Foundry app.  


Foundry Kids

If you have kids, we'd love to meet them!  We have a fully-staffed, safe, engaging, age-appropriate environment just for kids from birth through 5th grade.  In this area, your kids can learn explore God with trained, screened, background checked, volunteers.  Our kids area is located in Tabrizi's restaurant which is on the first floor of our building.  They have their own entrance, located to the right of our main entrance.  For more information about Foundry Kids, click here.