Tuesday, April 11

READING Psalm 22:1-21

In all four Gospels, there are accounts of Jesus’ death. In Matthew, we read that as Jesus was hanging on the cross, taking in His final breaths, He called out the words of Psalm 22: My God, my God, why have You forsaken me? There are two things to note here. First, Jesus was in a powerful place of despair. The Son of God, because of the weight and depth of our sin placed upon Him, lost His perfect connection with His Father. He felt the weight of loneliness and loss even more deeply than we can imagine – there is no pain we have felt that Jesus cannot understand. Second, even in the most painful moment of His life, Jesus used the wisdom of Scripture to draw Himself back to truth. He spent His life so deeply ingrained in the Word that even in His bleakest moment, it was Scripture that best expressed the depth of His despair. Isn’t it amazing that even in our lament and confusion, the Word of God can speak for us? There is no pain we have felt that Jesus cannot understand.

 My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?
    Why are you so far from saving me, from the words of my groaning?

Psalm 22:1

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