Wednesday, April 5

READING Matthew 26:1-5, 14-16

It’s easy to read about Judas with a spirit of judgment and disbelief. How could someone who had walked with Jesus for three years and seen His miracles firsthand ever betray Him? And yet we see in the history of Israel and in our own lives how easy it is to betray Christ and run after other gods. For Judas, money was the goal. For the Israelites, security and comfort. For us, it’s something. Something that we hold up as the thing that will put our hearts at rest and set our minds at ease. When we lift up other things to God-status, it’s easy to ignore the truth of Christ and be deceived by what the world presents as true. Rather than look at Judas and shake our heads in contempt, perhaps today we should admit the many ways we have betrayed the truth of Christ and ask for continued faith to follow the Order in our chaos.

And from that moment Judas sought an opportunity to betray him.

Matthew 26:16

Other Resources

Kiss of Judas, in the Sanctuario di Lourdes Navegal (Navegal, Italy)