Next Steps

find community

Neighborhood Groups



Neighborhood groups at The Foundry are designed to be a time for individuals to come together during the week to dive deeper into the message from the previous Sunday.  These groups are centered on living life together in community, exploring the Bible, studying together, praying together, serving together, and having fun together.  Neighborhood groups are a safe place to ask hard questions about Jesus, and a place to be honest about the struggles and hardships of life.

lean in

Service Teams


Each Sunday, as we gather, there are various service teams at work in making it all happen.  There are various positions available that need to be filled each and every Sunday from playing in the band, to greeting guests, to leading, teaching and loving our kids, to putting up the slides on the screen. Serving at The Foundry is a great way to get involved, meet new people, and grow in your faith. 

give back

Serve the City


Serving Baltimore is core to who we are as a church.  We host two major serving events each year and facilitate various other serving opportunities throughout the year.  Each of our Neighborhood Groups observe regular rhythms of service through various projects.  Each year, we send teams on at least two Experience Trips, one domestic and one international so participants can experience what it looks like to live life on mission in other places and serve alongside partner churches.

Declare your identity



In the Bible, baptism is the physical step paired with the internal step of acceptingJesus as your Savior. It’s an integral next step in proclaiming Jesus as our Savior and Lord. At the Foundry, we encourage you to be baptized as soon as you are ready to accept Jesus as the forgiver and leader of your life.