POP UP Groups

Pop Up Slide.jpg

This Spring, as our regular Neighborhood Group season comes to an end, we are launching a series of 7-week pop-up groups. These groups will start the week of May 6th and will align with our spring sermon series, Mirage. Through that series, we’ll explore some of the things we are prone to strive for that, like a mirage, can be too good to be true. Like our Neighborhood Groups, these groups will focus on digging deeper into the text and topic that is preached on Sunday mornings. However, the Pop-up Groups are a great way to mix up your community and meet some new people. You can still choose a group based on your location, or you can choose one based on your gender or relationship status. Click the button below to see all of our available groups and get connected today.

For more information on small groups at The Foundry, contact Austin Hedge at Austin@foundrybaltimore.com